metal castle

metal castle

โลหะปราสาทmetal castle

metal castle located inside. Wat Ratchanatdaram One of the important temples located in the old town near the Golden Mountain. This is one of Bangkok’s other Buddhist treasures worth visiting.

Wat Ratchanatdaram Worawihan Built in the late reign of King Rama III, it is located near many important places, including Mahajesada Bodin Tabernacle, Fort Mahakan, and the Golden Mount.

Wadi His Majesty graciously pleased to build metal castles Instead of building a pagoda It is the third metal castle in the world, built as a 7-storey building with 37 top castles, referring to the 37th Photichikisanship in Buddhism. 

In the middle of the castle is a channel with 67 steps to walk up to see the view above.

Most of the architecture in Wat Ratchanatdaram is of Thai style. Phra Ubosot is with Chor Fa Bai Raka, gable, gilding, gilded Decorated with beautiful glass Inside the Buddha image in the name that “Phra Seth Tamuni” and the temple is also a Thai art style. Inside there is a Buddha image at Ban Nuea,ufa the president named “Phra Phuttha Chutitham Narasop”

metal castle

After the Buddha image in the chapel Go for a walk around the metal castle. Passed by many times and looked from the road, but I didn’t have the opportunity to come close to him. Come to take a closer look, it is very beautiful.

If going up to the upper floor Able to pay homage to the Buddha’s relics And see the view in the Phra Nakhon side in a 360 degree angle

Inside the metal castle, the bottom floor has a room for meditation. There is a place to sit, read books, walk for meditation, suitable for those who love peace. When it shines, it becomes a very calm and beautiful sight. Is another temple in Bangkok That are unique in architecture and art beauty That is not like anywhere else Worth a visit


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