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The Marketing Funnel – How to Visualize the Journey of Your Customers


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The marketing funnel can be described as an outline of the experience that your potential customers take from finding out about your product to making a purchase. It’s among the most effective tools available to gain insight into your customers, spot bottlenecks, and then eliminate the bottlenecks.

Traditional marketing funnels break into four phases which are: awareness, consideration of interest as well as consideration, action and. blackcat agency These stages are based on the AIDA framework but modified according to current consumer behaviour and digitalization.


Marketing funnels cannot be completed in the absence of recognition. This is the initial step toward a possible client or client. It is your chance to let them know how you operate, who you are and how you will assist them with their needs.

This step can be approached in many ways. A good strategy for this phase is to communicate information about your brand that is relevant and informative and also interesting and engaging. This is possible via blog and social media content, or even webinars.

Direct mail is a great technique to help spread people talking regarding your company’s brand. Postcards can be sent, fun branded stickers, or handwritten notecards with the logo of your company to increase awareness of your organization and its products.

You can also utilize social media in order to reach out to potential customers and clients as well as encourage people to share your brand or services with their families and friends. This helps you build a community of followers who are engaged in your company, which could eventually lead to them becoming supporters of your brand.

Marketing funnels are constantly changing. It is important to monitor the changes regularly and analyze it in order to see if there’s any enhancements for your customers. It is necessary to collect both quantitative and qualitative data, so start taking note of these data to find out how you can increase prospects or making conversions in right methods.

Your business’s performance is dependent on the ability of you to maintain your customer’s satisfaction by providing the service or products they’re looking for. This can be measured by customer satisfaction scores and customer the rate of churn, repeat revenues and active customers.

This is not a quantitative measurement but you need to determine the level of customer engagement with every piece of content. For instance, you can determine what CTAs work best in making conversions happen, it is possible to track the number of blog posts with CTAs. It will allow you to identify which posts are the most successful in funneling potential buyers into your sales funnel.


This is an excellent opportunity to show off the potential of your product. Your target audience will evaluate your products and make a decision if they are interested in buying. They’re searching for the best solution to meet the needs of their specific situation and requirements, and you could be the best fit.

The next stage is to come up with innovative writing and an evidence how much you value your customers’ money. An attractive landing page will highlight your best attributes. Additionally, it could be beneficial to establish live chat, or an FAQ section where they can get answers to their final questions before they decide to commit to buying your product.

The interest phase is the opportunity to shine. should you have the funds, a multi-channel approach is the best option. It is possible to re-engage your customers with email and social media marketing campaigns with the right kinds of information that will encourage them to convert from visitor to lead. What’s more, you are able to track your customers’ progress and ensure that they enjoy a pleasant experience at every step of the process. Ortto is a CRM and analytics platform which allows you to track customer behavior and create pertinent marketing material.


The stage of consideration is when potential buyers look at the product or service you offer, and then decide if they’re an appropriate for them. It may take weeks, or even months to come to a final decision, so it’s important for you to guide them through this process by providing helpful information as well as information.

Considerations are also a great opportunity for brands to build the brand’s reputation. It can be achieved through providing relevant content to their customers, such as providing product comparisons and demonstrations or trial trials for free.

The brand can engage prospects through email, targeted content and case studies in this period. This is a great way to help educate customers on the benefits of their purchase as well as show them what the brand can do to solve their problems.

Additionally, you can increase sales conversion by asking clients to share with their peers about their experiences. It is the best way to increase repeat sales as well as lead to a higher average order value (AOV).

The existence of a properly-designed marketing funnel is crucial to your business’s development and prosperity But you have to keep your strategies flexible. With the changing world of digital and people become more sophisticated, you could realize that your approach to marketing also requires changes.

If you have a greater understanding of the buyer’s path, you’ll be able to plan more effective strategies that help your customers from consideration to advocacy. Targeting users can be according to their past actions.

If someone is familiar with the brand They might be following you on social media or sign up for an email mailing list. You could also listen to an audio podcast. It is possible to map these connections and determine the phase at which they are at and target them with messages in line with their stage.

Our blog post on how to find your marketing funnel will provide more detailed information about how you can develop your funnel. We’ll discuss the various kinds of funnels that are used for marketing and teach you how to effectively implement them. We will provide you with ideas that will help you develop the most effective method to boost your revenue and conversion rates.


Conversion funnels enable you to imagine your customers’ full journey. They also help you understand which customers are more likely to convert than others.

A funnel for conversion online can be an ideal tool to analyze and enhance your marketing efforts. Examining the efficiency of your funnel can enhance your customer experience as well as boost the sales.

Marketing funnels are an ongoing process. It’s vital to regularly modify your plan in order to stay ahead of the changes in the needs and expectations of your targeted audience. It is possible to engage with your customers and make them more likely to buy through this method.

This is a crucial step on the customer journey since it assists in building trust with your customers. This will allow you to create a relationship with potential customers who will then be more likely to purchase with you in the future.

This stage is where it is possible to attract potential customers to your business or product via advertising and marketing. These include blog posts and social media updates.

In some cases you can also employ techniques for marketing that are offline to contact potential customers. If the audience you are targeting is in certain regions or has a certain time frame, this could be possible.

As an example, if you’re a food blogger selling cookbooks, you can use your blog to attract customers who are searching for recipes. It is then possible to make use of your newsletters and other methods to keep track of these potential customers and entice the buyers to finalize their purchase.

Remember that each and every one of your conversions is a win for your business. High conversion rates mean that you are getting more visitors to your site than you costs. It means that visitors will spend longer browsing through your site and spend more time on them.

The analysis of your Analyzing your Google Analytics report will enable you to monitor conversion rates for each step of your sales funnel. These reports can be utilized to evaluate if the funnel is successful.


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